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Pocket Solutions

A Home

It plays an important part in our lives from when we are little until we’re old

The money you spend for your home must make you happy. That’s why your decision to invest in a place to live must be built on higher principles than just the interest rate.

Finanční řešení bydlení a domova

Kids and their Future

Children don’t waste a lot of time thinking about the future.

But when it’s time for university, living on their own or starting a family, suddenly it’s something else entirely.

It’s a part of our role as parents to think ahead in their stead and come up with financial solutions for their future, both near and far.

Finanční zabezpečení dětí

Grow Old with Dignity

Retirement is the longest part of your life. Have you thought about how you want to spend it?

People expect different things from retirement: always having a place to come back to, make up for all the time spent at work or finally enjoy some quality time with your family.

Want to spend it well?
Start planning today.

Finanční řešení pro spokojené stáří a důchod

Minimizing Risks

Some things in life we simply cannot control. And besides all the happy moments, there are some risks as well.

We can minimize any risks by identifying them and their potential fallout. That way you can rest easy, knowing you have it all covered.

Finanční řešení minimalizace rizik

Dreams, Desires and Things we Enjoy

We all have them – but sometimes we lack the courage or the means to make them come true.

Would you love to go on a long trip, start a non-profit project or just do something just for yourself?

How do you fulfil your dreams without losing your financial stability?

Finanční nezávislost

Asset Management

Simply owning property does not make you a good property manager

The property or wealth that you or your ancestors laboriously created deserves to be managed with care.

What should you do to keep your assets and increase their value so that they bring the same (or greater) prosperity and joy to future generations

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The Team

Petr Andrš, EFA

Petr Andrš, EFA

Senior Consultant
+420 775 780 492petr.andrs@inpocket.finance
Hradec Králové | Prague
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Mgr. Zdeněk Linhart, EFA

Mgr. Zdeněk Linhart, EFA

Senior Consultant
+420 776 655 521zdenek.linhart@inpocket.finance
Žďár nad Sázavou | Prague
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Josef Maňák, EFA

Josef Maňák, EFA

Senior Consultant
+420 777 323 644josef.manak@inpocket.finance
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Ing. Kristína Skřivánková - inpocket.finance

Kristína Skřivánková

Senior Consultant
+420 777 245 821kristina.skrivankova@inpocket.finance
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Marián Hock, Bc.

Bc. Marián Hock

Senior Consultant
+420 604 150 036josef.manak@inpocket.finance
Hradec Králové
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